Dreaming of Spring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have NEVER been more ready for spring to get here! I am not sure if it's the fact that in Texas, most days in the winter are still nice enough to wear flip flops, but I am ready. I have looked at new spring lines at clothing stores. Checked out bathing suits and keep dreaming of walking on a beach with water hitting my feet while I point and laughing in winter's face. But I am getting ahead of myself; as we all know spring comes first.

Today, especially, I have wanted to be outside and in the mud. I want to be trimming bushes, planting flowers, tilling a garden and planning a landscape design. To satisfy these raging desires I decided to simply look through some pictures, find my favorites, and dream. . . .

This is full and beautiful. I can't believe that I can dream about landscaping and there be palm trees in the picture!
The layout and the fire pit are fabulous. I want to create this.
This one's for Matthew.
This is a perfect entry way. I love everything about this.

This one is my absolute favorite! Lavender!

You can dream too. All this and more at www.hgtv.com

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