DIY Backyard Wedding II

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wedding Wednesday is arriving on a Thursday this week. With Thanksgiving a week ago, traveling, Christmas decorating, and finishing school; blogging has sadly has slipped down my "to do" list. I am so excited to start back with a wonderful post in a series of 3 of the beautiful wedding of my friends Kelly and Chris. 

                                                         The Ceremony

"My vision included every guest arriving through the flowered, iron arches, a simple chalked ‘Wedding’ sign nailed to the tree beside them. Tall tables and potted flowers surrounding the entrance as they made their way back to the enchanting gate-- an archway of branches intwined with lights, ribbon, and the subtle ‘C’ and ‘K’ dangling overhead as a reminder of the celebration."

"Inside, lush gardens awaiting them with rows of natural wood chairs, and tiny lights twinkling above. They would find their way, filling every chair with no preference to the traditional seating of bride and groom sides. And as they sat, they would then begin to take it all in: the surrounding impatiens and exotic torches, the long, luxurious toile draping down the tree, soft jazz tunes playing in the background. Everything in its right place. The months of planning coming to fruition. Vintage, garden, romance."

"[DIY] Flower petal cone cups:  I photocopied sheets of music from the song "In Christ Alone" (the one I walked down the aisle to) and used tea bags to age the look of the paper; give it a beige tint.  Then, I glued them cone-shaped (decorated with glitter & stuff) and used blank shopping tags (found in any office supply store) to write instructions of throwing the rose petals. "

"We had not had any communication throughout the day, save our letters. Yet, I hadn’t been nervous to see him. Partly because I had heard him talk and laugh downstairs as we were getting ready, and partly because I was just plain happy to finally be next to my groom. We hugged and kissed and he spun me around totake in my appearance. “I knew it would look like that.” he said, at first sight of my dress."

Stay tuned for DIY reception ideas next week!

photos by and Brian Owen

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