"And they call the thang Rodeo. . ."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Matthew and I ventured to the great and wonderful Houston Rodeo last night. It runs for a month straight, Monday through Sunday, with a featured artist each night for your choosing. With traveling, working, and re-decorating, the best time we had was on a Monday night after work. We chose to see Tim McGraw as well. We toured the grounds, checked out the livestock, got french fries and delicious pecans (Gluten free even at the Rodeo) and watched until we were tired. It was marvelous, though next time I go, I am wearing tennis shoes. I was trying to be stylish and wear heels while we walked miles around the stadium and to parking. Matthew graciously offered a piggy back multiple times, now I am wishing I had taken him up on that offer.

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. OMG SOOOO smelly! nothing in me EVER is desirous of going to the rodeo. my mother, on the other hand, LOVES it!

  2. I love them too. I really do. I know you are not surprised by that.


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