Return of Cece's

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This past week I returned to my native land to be with family and sadly, only some of my wonderful friends. The above picture is of some great friends at a delightful little frozen yogurt place, Sweet Cece's. If you haven't tried it, you are in for, well, a well deserved tummy ache. It's delicious!

Only one other occasion lives up to getting frozen yogurt topped with your choice of favorite treats; family reunions! This one was unique because it was all girls (We missed you Val)!

Surrounded by kids this weekend, I assumed, when I lost my "Ceces" on the plane Sunday night, that I had gotten a stomach virus. This was not the case and a day off helped me concur this was the case. So, after a long weekend, I am glad to be home, rested, and longing for summer days, sundresses, flip flops, and more frozen yogurt.


  1. I never realized she was looking at my screen in this picture..and that it's a picture of josh haha

    love you bunches

  2. ah hahaha! Yes, I love this picture. I will try to get it to you on fb.


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