The Bare Truth

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recently, while scanning the pages of Facebook visually and internally connecting with each and every "friend" of mine on the site, I read and interesting status update from a neighbor from my childhood. He said he was running a half marathon, or marathon (I can't remember) barefoot. Now, he did have a picture of the shoes he was going to wear which looked like this. But he practically ran this thing barefoot.

Now, for the last few years of my life I have had foot pain of some sorts. I have strong feet; big feet, though I can't picked things up with my toes like some fortunate I know. All the same, they are strong. But since I moved to Texas, my feet have been almost too weak to carry me at some points. I am not sure if it's a stress fracture or just pain from actually starting to move again after the lull of exercise during the holidays, but they hurt- everyday.

In trying to find the perfect shoe, both attractive, feminine, versatile, and healing, I came across this article and it spurred my barefoot curiosity again. The thought of walking or running barefoot literally scares me at this point because I can barely make dinner without having to sit down or at least wear shoes. Right now, shoes make me feel better, a little. But what if I am doing it all wrong. . . .

I have learned the amazing mystery of the body through working out. We are far stronger and capable than we ever give ourselves credit for. Why don't I apply the same truth to my feet as I do my arms, thighs, butt, and stomach? If anything, they should be the strongest because they hold up the rest of my heavy, beautiful mass of a body! So, are we doing it all wrong? Are shoes not only NOT the answer but the problem? I know that it would be a whole heck of a lot cheaper to go barefoot or at least close to it rather than have foot therapy through the doctor and new shoes!.
Let's just say I am going to explore this proposal more in the coming weeks and see if I am brave enough to truly bare it all.


  1. Oh my goodness! I totally agree. I was in the market for some new running shoes a year or so ago and I was reading an article in Runner's World. The guy writing was saying that no matter how hard people try to create a shoe that's perfectly contoured for the foot and will offer the best, most natural support...that the most sensible answer is to run (practically) barefoot! It makes sense, right? I mean, our feet were designed to be the perfect support for our bodies, and we keep trying to up the ante with "better" and more "advanced" shoes. Also...I saw a guy in the Seattle airport wearing those "shoes" you have linked here before I knew they existed and I for real thought he just had hobbit feet or something. If the world wasn't so dirty and restaurants/places of service didn't require it, I'd go barefoot a LOT.

  2. I KNOW! Matthew and I were talking about it and it makes so much sense, but there are some places I would still have to where a different shoe. There is also the Vivo shoe (I think it's called but it's in the article) which is more like a shoe, less like a hobbit foot. hahah (I laughed out loud when I read this). All of this is depressing and inspirational all at the same time. Depressed, inspired, depressed, inspired. Sounds like most of life. :) Let me know if you see anything else!


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