Weekend potential

Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome to my weekend potential. Yes, any and all things above are possible, except for that yoga pose. That's not me just in case you were impressed though I will try to attend Saturday's class. One certainty is I will be attempting to make that delicious meal at the top; Turkey Meatballs with Asian Noodles found here. What meal wouldn't be complete without the perfect weekend movie? Matthew and I got "Up in the Air" off of Netflixs and will finally have a chance to watch it.

Right now, there is a debate on whether to start prepping for hard wood floors this weekend or head to east Texas to enjoy the wildflower season along with the states famous ice cream, Blue Bell! If we visit the factory we, of course, will come home with loads of large 1/2 gallon tubs to which we will eat every spoon full out of my new favorite coffee mugs posted above. So, which would you choose? Lay flooring or eat ice cream in fields of wildflowers . . . . .? Happy Weekend!


  1. duh....ice cream always trumps hard labor.

  2. Love the mugs, love the ice cream, love the flowers.

    Up in the Air is really good-hope you guys like it! George is so good.


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