Babies on the Brain

Saturday, November 6, 2010

So many of my dear friends have had or are having babies.  It's such an exciting time! So here I am to post a celebration of the news of a baby girl's soon-to-be arrival into Matthew's family! Congratulations Sarah, Kwame, and Abigail! With all this baby talk, a few cool items have been discussed for baby showers. One item/items in particular are velcro cloth diapers. They save a ton of money, are eco friendly, and now, very cute! Check out the pictures below of the diapers, Anne Geddes new picture book, a cool baby rocker, and obviously one of my favorite movies, "Babies." The last photo is of my favorite scene in that movie. 


  1. Oh goodness, I just want to say that those pumpkin cupcakes were so good! Yes were, and I only had help with Abigail eating one. The rest were all for me:) Thanks to you and Matthew for the celebratory fun!

  2. It's all for you woman- oh and that baby. ;)


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