Popsicle Pies

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a better way to celebrate wonderful fall weather than a patties and pie outdoor party!! This was put on by our wonderful church this past Sunday. Chili's catered hamburgers and people signed up to bring pies and when I say pies I mean every kind imaginable. I of course ventured into the waters of gluten free pie making which I will blog about later. I made a banana creme and pumpkin. The gf pumpkin is my favorite despite the fact I am not a pie person and a choco-holic. The pies I found most blog worthy are of course the adorable and delicious popsicle pies! I can't wait to try these with gluten free crust.  I looked up recipes online and the best one I could find is the one below. So grab your sticks and get to makin' some pies!



  1. this sounds like the cake pop craze by bakerella. I love it! these pictures are awesome, are they yours?

  2. What fun!!Very creative idea for individual size pies!!Can not wait to have your pumpkin pie!!!


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