Kitchen and Office Organization

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lately it feels as if I don't have enough space for everything I own, mainly in the kitchen. Now, i understand that the problem COULD be that I have too much stuff. Instead of getting rid of stuff, I like to find neat ways to organize my treasures so that I don't feel so overwhelmed. I saw this kitchen idea and loved how the pots hang over the stove and the open cabinet space for cookbooks.  Matthew also, desperately wants a magnetic knife holder just like the one displayed in this picture to the right.

Another shelving unit that I plan to use for my "office" is this awesome and inexpensive piece that can be sold in sections and is found at Crate and Barrel.


  1. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. But did I have to tell you that I love organization?

  2. Check out It is my new absolute favorite website. If only I could build something! I do plan do take on a couple of projects this spring. I think between you and Matthew, you could make whatever you wanted! She makes everything look so easy and of course gives all detailed instructions. Check it out!

  3. Thanks Laurie! So excited to check it out!


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