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Friday, October 7, 2011

I feel a little behind the times because I am just now catching onto this fabulous little site. Honestly, I am not even sure I have it completely figured out yet, but I like it a lot. For those of you that like to collect great ideas, but can never remember where you found that site, how to do it, or where to buy it; this is your website. It's basically a virtual and highly visual file folder for your favorite things. It's a great and paperless organization tool for ideas, interests, and favorites from recipes, furniture, decor, hair styles, fashion, travel and the like. 

One of the greatest uses I have found for it is a place to collect ideas for our potential 2nd honeymoon to Paris! Instead piles of paper clippings and tons of emailed internet sites to Matthew, I can show him my "board" on Pinterest of all my findings.

What is your favorite reason to use Pinterest?!

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  1. Hey Friend! I got the dress from Belk; $9.99! A steal! I love and miss you!


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