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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magpie and Me at The Hobbit Cafe in Houston, TX

I have been a little out of touch with the electronic world for the past week because I had some delightful company this past weekend! One of my dear friends flew in from my hometown of Nashville and she, a friend of ours from here in Houston, and myself played the weekend away!

It was good for my soul to have a girls weekend while my sweet husband fished and had some guy time. The two lovely ladies and I spent the weekend going to the new Sugar Land Farmers Market, trying to learn a line dance from the new "Footloose" movie, girl talking and dranking wine until the wee hours of the night. Wewent to my first tattoo parlor and checked out the new Anthropology Wedding store, BHLDN, that I can't believe wasn't open when I got married 5 months ago! 

Eagle and Magpie at the Sugar Land, TX Farmers Market enjoying water ice

The weekend wouldn't have been complete without these two girls doing some baking. Maggie and Ashley have a new and adorable blog where they share their love for baking, DIY crafts, and artistic creations of all sorts. Check out their blog here.

 I have, also, re prioritized my home life with a daily chore. Yes, it's as if I am 12 again and need a daily chore chart, but it's true. I was inspired by a blog, that I am obsessed with, and took the cleaning chart below and made my own version.

Mine, at this point consists of me writing it on a dry erase board on the fridge:

Mondays: Vacuum whole house/ Mop any tile or hard wood floors
Tuesdays: Bathrooms. Clean: Toilets, tub, sink and mirror. Refill soaps, toilet paper, tidy, update magazines
Wednesdays: Project Day (One organizational project) or chore catch up day
Thursday: Dust, baseboards, window seals, blinds, air filter, all surfaces in all rooms, fans every other week
Friday: Repeat Monday and "deep clean" kitchen

Now, I will say, after my first week of keeping this schedule as well as cooking, attempting to keep laundry up, and keeping the dishes out of the sink for more than 24 hours (impossible)- I am pooped. I don't know that I have fully finished one task. So there is still a bit of tweaking and time to get the routine down, but it works. The weekends are left to have fun, travel, chill, socialize, finish projects, and simply enjoy a clean house! I am proud of the work because I don't naturally jump out of bed ready to organize and clean. 

Can any of you relate? What are some cleaning strategies you use?


  1. i do a little bit each day. i think that is the key to a semi-clean house :)

    the kids are responsible for their beds, room and toys in both their room and the living room. I do have to sweep about five times a week with our hardwood floors. Cleaning the bathroom only happens during bath time but that's killing two birds with one stone.

    everything changes when you have kids, but it's still super important to make a plan and try really hard to stick to it! maybe i will try implementing your schedule. looks good to me!

  2. brave woman. i usually don't clean unless its REALLY necessary or someone important is coming over and i don't want them to see a ring around something. lol. i'm not really THAT bad but cleaning just doesn't happen as much with a baby around! mo power to ya, sistah!

  3. I read that cleaning schedule and just laughed. HA. Cleaning!

  4. Thanks Bethany! I am impressed because I know the minute I get this schedule down, we'll have kids and it will change. ha And yes Danielle, that is how I have been operating, but I was so tired of the panicked feeling I got when people would want to stop by! I have no excuse. NO kids and I am home half of the day. Laurie- I still laugh too!

  5. I have a daily routine that's not so much a cleaning schedule as a tidying one. After breakfast, I unload dishwasher and reload, and generally make kitchen tidy. Pick up front family room that guests enter. Dump bathroom trash into kitchen trash and take out. Put out all new hand towels in kitchen and bathroom, and run a lysol wipe around the bathroom sink to tidy up/wipe the mirror if necessary. This all usually takes 20 minutes or less, and it makes me happier to see unexpected guests and have them come in and stay, without me mentally obsessing about how much I hate the pile of dishes.right.there. Right before David gets home, we re-straighten for 5 minutes, just to give him 10 minutes to savor a peaceful house before it all happens again. At least, sometimes this little routine happens, and some days, it just doesn't. When it does, I'm much better at getting to bigger cleaning tasks as I notice them, because I don't think, "well, after I do all this other stuff..." Thanks for posting! It's food for thought. I expect I'll be more conscious about trying to space out my cleaning through the week this week :) Kristi Rogers


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