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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This picture from Crate and Barrel (one of my guilty pleasures) is totally cute and has a few of my favorite garden tools. Matthew also plans on making me an area to keep my garden supplies similar to this one. You can get small garden tools from many different places but 
C & B has some really cute ones that I plan on getting. 

Another must have is garden gloves. The pair shown in the picture is the pair I use and they are thin, have great grip, and you barely feel like you are wearing gloves. In the Houston heat, you need thin. 

This gathering apron featured on one of my favorite blogs, is a fun project to make as well as a great accessory to gardening. I am working with my neighbor and friend who is teaching me how to sew and we are working on my custom made gathering apron which will be featured on my blog later on.

What would gardening be without a furry friend?! Moonshine, our 6 year black lab/golden retriever mix is one of our 2 large pups who loves to be wherever we are and that includes the garden.

These two pictures of our garden from  last week are displaying our new favorite way to trellis beans and cucumbers; a cattle panel (I am not sure if that is it's technical name but that's what I call it)!  We got this idea from my neighbor and friend I sew with who also has an incredible garden and we love gleaning all the wisdom we can from her. We went to Tractor Supply Company and bought 1  panel and had it cut in 3 different pieces. We used zip ties to tie them onto the green stakes we also got at TSC.  It is really sturdy, cheap, but will also last for years.

In the pictures above, you also see the green fencing that is surrounding our garden. This stuff is AWESOME and you can find it at your local Home Depot, Lowes, hardware or feed store or here. IT is easy toe set up on stakes, inexpensive, and we stapled it to the garden box. How simple is that?!

And, I honestly feel you can't enjoy gardening as much without the proper footwear! I mainly say this because I hate tracking in mud and who knows what else into the house on multiple shoes. I tend to ruin good shoes when I wear them in places they don't belong. Or, I go barefoot and get eaten alive by the biting ants that reside in Houston. I HATE THEM. SO, pretty much anytime you are outside for an extended period of time, you must wear shoes so not to get eaten alive. Thus, I bought some great boots, also from TSC, for $20 that I enjoy every time I get the chance to wear them.
It's the little things . . .

And lastly, for now, this "tool" for gardening is WONDERFUL! It is a garden book about our specific area. It has everything there is to know about gardening in the Houston and surrounding areas. I got it at a local nursery, but you can also find it here.

I sure do love spring, and gardening, and watching things grow, and hoping they don't die. . . 

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  1. can't wait to garden with you this weekend! your wisdom will be useful with mom's raised beds :)


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