Wednesday, June 3, 2015

So much new has happened in our life in a year since my last post was written. We are new parents of a almost 3 month old new baby! This has been completely life changing, wonderful, and hard. In the midst of unfinished projects, a mess of my house, sleep deprivation, and all that comes with being pregnant and then having a baby within a year, it is always really great to focus on a few things that help you feel grounded and "normal".  My friend has a great blog  ( and is also about to enter parenthood!!!!) and gave me this idea to start back up with my blog after a year being away.

Reading. . . .  Trim Healthy Mama. Pretty sure that's self explanatory.

Watching. . .  Wayward Pines, The Voice, Call of the Midwife

Listening. . . my hubby and I recently decided to watch less tv and start listening to books on iTunes. We are listening to a hard sic fi book called Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It is taking me a bit to get used to listening to a book and slowing down enough to let my brain process it and enjoy it. This book was my hubby's pic. ;)

Trying . . . To figure out my son's sleep cycle and also to be more active during the day to get back up to harder workouts.

Eating. . .  Bark Thins. I get them at Costco and eat the whole large bag WAY to fast. I only eat the Gluten free options with the nuts, no pretzels. 

Pinning. . .  ideas for our dining room that we are turning into a baby/kid playroom.

Loving. . . wow, there are so many things! Most of them are baby related and things that make life with a newborn easier and fun; online shopping, drop cam, Nest (you can turn your air up or down via your phone), Instax Mini 8 by Fuji (so fun with a baby),  Hoover Linx vacuum, anything Aden + Anais but specifically their swaddle blankets that can be used for EVERYTHING, Baby Bjorn bouncer- WORTH IT,  my new purse by Thirty-one gifts that fits easily in my diaper bags (yes I have 2), Nose Frida to suck my son's boogies out because it will drive you crazy that you can't get your fingers up their little noses to get stuff out!

Discovering. . . how to be a mommy, care for my husband, son, self, relationships, and home. It's exhausting. 

Enjoying. . . being a mom!

Thinking. . . about anything organization/ minimizing/ anything that can make simple.

Feeling. . .  tired and yet motivated.

Hoping. . . to I will get to sleep through night sooner or later. 

Thanking . . . God for ALL his many wonderful gifts he's giving me!

Starting. . . to research sleep training.

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