Valentines Recap

Monday, March 1, 2010

The day of love has come again, in the form of a full blog entry about the great weekend. For our first Valentines, Matthew and I decided to stretch it out over the whole weekend instead of just one day. Friday was my day to spoil him and so I took him for good ole pizza and a movie. He had wanted to see the Book of Eli and it turned out to be an interesting mixture of blood, guts, and Scripture. ALWAYS my first choice in a movie (ahem). We spent Saturday painting his living room a lovely Graceful Gray and then I went to get ready for my night.

Both of the nights were complete surprises for us both and so when Matthew drove up to Perry's, an elegant restaurant in Sugar Land, where we had wine, the largest/tallest pork chop I have ever seen and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert to go. We then left, to our next destination, to which he had me close my eyes until we arrived. Matthew carefully walked me to the entry of the Fort Bend Theatre, the local community theatre I had been wanting to visit. Of course, of all shows, Little Women the musical was the featured show. That was his first, and possibly last, time seeing that particular show. . . . as well as mine. Though the show was long, we enjoyed the time together and seeing a bit of the local talent. We ended the nearly perfect night with the strawberries from dinner while laughing about the evening.

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