Everything's coming up cucumbers?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My sexy mulch man
Dogs stand in awe of our masterpiece. Matthew built the fence and put up the ferns.
Ghetto herb garden
Bad lighting, pretty plant
Beautiful and useful new fence and gate a-la Matthew!
The garden of the year!
Please GROW!
Front bed, sick impatiens

Oh what a weekend it was! Matthew and I consciously decided to take it easy this weekend. Yes, we are one of those couples/people that have to consciously decide to relax and not work our butts off on the weekends. It's important to have a sense of accomplishment while still being able to revive yourself on Monday mornings. That was the goal.

After getting mulch for the garden, planting the garden, hanging baskets for the ferns on the fence, trimming the sego palm, planting knock out roses, replanting a verbena, mowing the grass, and planting herbs; we still, somehow, reached our goal. There was still time left in the day for a casual lunch break and a great cookout with the neighbors hosted by us! Oh, I forgot that Matthew bought a new grill.

In my time of learning about my boyfriend, I have learned that men take much pride in 3 specific things; guns, grills, and cars. I think this is understood among men. I don't blame nor discourage them for this unrequited love for things that destroy, protect, burn, and rev, but I am not sure I will ever reach their same level of pride . With that said, I selfishly stay out of that love affair and reap while still reaping the benefits. Technically, I have it good.

Back to the garden. We planted the stuff we eat the most of that will fit within the allotted 6x6 space. Tomatoes (3 kinds: Celebrity, Better Boy, and Red Beefsteak Heirlooms), Peppers (all 3 colors and one sweet banana), one okra plant, cucumber seeds, basil (sweet and lime), and lavender. On the side of the garage on the makeshift white shelf that Matthew made and is tolerating until we get something else, there is lavender, basil, cilantro, rosemary, and two citronella plants I will move around when and if we have company.

I have been the most amazed, thus far, with the growth of the cucumbers. We planted them thursday night and by Sunday there were sprouts! Those babies will take over before we know it! I WAS very strategic in where I planted each veggie/herb after reading how certain ones can compliment and hurt the growth of another. The cucumbers will be trellised up the garage wall as they grow so not to impede the growth of the other plants. All of these were planted with organic soil, compost, grass clippings, and organic fertilizer. Hoping for the best!

The other pictures are the shots of the front bed/ hydrangea plants. It's possible the impatiens are getting too much water and so we are cutting back. Hopefully they will look fuller in the next picture. Oh, and of course, Zeus and Moonshine were mesmerized by our green thumbs and time outdoors with them.

Happy Summer and Gardening to you all!

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