My boyfriend is Snow White and my dogs joined the UFC

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, folks, that is a live sparrow in his hands. During lunch yesterday afternoon Matthew, the dogs, and I heard a startling noise form the chimney. Low and behold, a sparrow flies it's way out of the shoot and into the house. I of course leaped from the table in terror and put the dogs out so they wouldn't scare the bird.
As I begged and pleaded with Matthew to help the bird down or to do SOMETHING to save it/ save me from it, he began to softly sing to it hoping it would follow his lure. As enchanting as he is, this did not work. Finally, after I had given up all hope, he shows up with the bird in his hand saying, "Well, I saved the sparrow, but we're going to have to get a new fan."
Just in case you were wondering, pillows can break fan blades. . . . Nonetheless, the bird was safe, unharmed, and set free into the wild lands of Texas. In all the worries of that lunch hour, I am just glad the centerpiece I created from bottles Matthew got me at a garage sale were't harmed. That might have spoiled the afternoon.
Just when you think the fun has ended these two ferocious fighters step into the ring to take on one of their infamous wrestling matches. Contestant #1 Zeus: Heavy Weight Champion, known to groan, and has a mouth that I could comfortably fit into.
Contestant #2 Moonshine: Long, lean, and flexible, known to play "surrender" just to make the opposition feel as though they are winning. Don't be fooled by those eyes. That's his game face. He is known for his pawing to get the fight started.
"DING" and the fight begins. Round 1
Famous pawing move. Looks like Zeus got one in the face!
It's starting to get ugly. . . .

Moonshine's famous "surrender/play dumb" move
Round 1 done Zeus disappointed it was a tied match and Moonshine looks ready for round 2
I think Zeus is done for the day. . .. . .


  1. I'd read this blog even if you weren't my girlfriend- great writing!

  2. Hysterical! I think we should try that at the gym one day and see if we get an audience!

  3. Cindy- hahaha!

    Oh, and thanks Snow White aka- man o' mine.

  4. The description given to Contestant #2 is word-for-word the EXACT same description I use for myself when I participate in my underground boxing career! Ironically, I too am known to use my pawing to get the fighting started!


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