Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Let me start from the beginning. . . . .

As most of you know, Matthew and I met at a craw fish boil, my first, in Tennessee over a year ago. We like to say that craw fish are magic, because there is really no good reason we should have met that day, liked each other enough to date long distance for 6 months, eventually fall in love, and move me 865 miles to a deeper, warmer, south. Thus we say, craw fish are magic. This morning, this theory was proved true once again.

A few months ago, when craw fish season started here in Texas, Matthew and I attended our second craw fish boil together with some neighbors. Because Matthew is still a curious boy at heart (what good man isn't?), he decided that one certain craw fish, grey in color, on it's death bed, should be saved from the likes of boiling water and hungry people, to live in among fellow water dwellers in a happy home. I see him sneak off to the house with one such craw fish to then be place in one such fish tank that resides in one such house belonging to Matthew.

What happens when a craw fish becomes a pet, you ask? Well, it gets a name, of course! So we call him Greg. Yes, Greg the Craw Fish. This grey, pekid creature has molted and is now a bright red color, fat, and looks more like a lobster than a craw fish. He is happy and thriving though pretty sure Matthew's affection for the pinching creature is much more than mine.

After a long hard workout this morning, Matthew and I headed back to his house to enjoy some breakfast and coffee before meeting up with my sister and her boyfriend who are visiting this week. We drink our water, open the blinds, and pet the dogs that had stayed inside this morning while we were gone. I get up, turn to head down the hall toward the bathroom, and to my surprise, and sheer terror, Greg is crawling down the hallway toward the bathroom as well! (My heart still skips a beat thinking about it.)

How? Why? When? Yes, all these questions and more popped into my head and out of my mouth. How did he get out? Why did the dogs not eat him? WHEN is this going to happen again?! (again, sheer terror) As of now, all these questions remain unanswered but Matthew got a kick out of me screaming every one of them.

One question we must answer, the question my sister asked last night after just meeting Greg, "He can't get out of there, right?" Well sis (and any others who may come for a visit,) we will do all we can to prevent this happening. I personally never want it to happen again, but then again, as Matthew and I can attest, you can't stop the magic.


  1. OH MY GOSH! That is HILARIOUS! I have no idea how I would react if the same thing happened to me. And can I's awesome that Matthew saved a craw fish from death and adopted it as a pet. What a gem.

  2. Natalie OMG. Terror struck my heart as I read your story. Then it turned into laughter because you are so hilarious. But seriously? I could not sleep in that house if I knew Greg could get out and possibly crawl into bed!!


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