Monday, June 21, 2010

"Can I just have one more moondance with you my love." This song lyric, sung by Frank Sinatra and many other great jazz singers and crooners, are the words on my lips this morning. Yesterday, what was on my lips, my tongue, my throat, my chin, my clothes, and my fork was Moondance Gluten Free Classic Cheesecake. A little graphic? Maybe. But today, with no incentive other than pure ecstasy, I am here, in full confidence, to promote this cheesecake.

Mind you, I have had many cheesecakes and one homemade, in particular, that is to die for. But after choosing to live a gluten free lifestyle, I chose to only eat the cheesecake and not the crust (utter torture). With this, I am able to eat the crust as well. I even like this pecan, shortbread crust better!

I have had many amazing desserts in my life. I have conquered many feats of finishing pans and half gallons with just a fork and a spoon, but yesterday, I set a record. I am here with a confession. This perfect cheesecake was devoured in less than 18 hours by me, and (pretty much) me alone. Matthew said I wasn't allowed out of his sight or to go to sleep until the rush had passed. Should I feel guilty? Possibly. Do I? Never.

For now, I will let the website do the talking and you guys do the walking, to Whole Foods (in the frozen food, gluten free section) where you might find this piece of perfection.

"Moondance Gluten Free Classic Cheesecake
The name says it all! Simple and elegant… Dive into this velvety smooth Classic Cheesecake baked on a buttery pecan shortbread crust. Our heavenly slices pack luscious creaminess in every bite. You won’t believe these are Gluten Free when you experience the crisp crunch of the shortbread crust."

Try it NOW!

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