Assiduous Absence

Friday, July 2, 2010

There are many words to describe a persistent busyness that we humans experience on a daily basis. I specifically chose assiduous because it makes for a catchy title. Assiduous means to show great care and perseverance (according to the dictionary on my Mac. Gah, I love this thing.) Not only is this word catchy with it's assi-ous-ness, but it also describes me throughout the past 3 weeks.

There has been delightful company, parties, a wedding, cleaning, moving, studying, sight-seeing, eating, breathing, and the like. I started a new venture this week (which I will share more about later.) With any change comes stress, pain, happiness, excitement, (again) stress, but, alas, no blogging. So, I am here now to ease eyes and minds by returning to my faithful, eager readers, with a new, exciting endeavor in process, and to continue to stay connected.

What, you ask, is the outcome and reward to assiduous living and a long, inevitable absence?
This or this. You pick. . . .

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