Summer Must Have's

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is a visual list of my summer must have's. Some are self explanatory, others have specific reasons why they are on this list.First on of those being the grill displayed. It's the new Char Broil Red. It puts of inferred heat instead of direct flame onto the meat . It also is very easy to clean. After cooking on it a few times I am pleased with the results. Another is the darker picture with the stars. This picture was taken my by cousin on her trip to New Zealand. This was a real picture taken of a starlit camping experience. Amazing. A favorite item which I recently purchased is the 7 way dress from Soma. You can wear it a million different ways (or 7) and it's a great travel dress because it doesn't wrinkle. The next, which is one of my new favorites, is the covergirl outlast lip stain. It works GREAT! The veggie/flower clippers are must have's for the garden. The Jeep is a picture of Matthew's neighbor's car. We went for a joy ride in it the other day and that will HAVE to happen again! Also, Millie Bush dog park. It was voted one of the top dog parks in the nation. The boys will be frequenting that this summer. The blown glass art piece was a gift from Matthew. It is an beautiful design and will be my main necklace for the summer. You can find more pieces like it here. Any other great ideas for summer must have's?


  1. Somehow messed the pictures up. Too tired to fix at this point. Thanks for viewing!

  2. These are seriously hilarious....especially the beef franks. Love them all, wish we had a jeep and grill sometimes. We need to check out the dog park while we're there or go kayaking!!


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