The Devil Must Like Okra . . . .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

because it's the only thing thing that grows in HELL!!
As many of you know, Matthew and I planted a lovely little box garden this summer. We planted tomatoes, peppers of all colors, cucumbers, basil, lavender, and parsley. I, of course, strategically organized the garden with complimentary veggie/herb pairings and still had a spot for one more veggie plant and thus, our hearty harvest of okra began it's growing journey.

Between the feeds of Facebook and blogs I follow, I have had much garden envy for all those producing large quantities, or even small, of various veggies, fruits, and herbs. Some of my friends have eaten all of their meals out of the garden. OUR tomatoes were dry, our peppers wilted, cucumbers eaten, and basil was over producing. I realized I was gardening like a Tennessean in Texas. Tomatoes need full sun for growth, right? WELL, NOT in TEXAS! I was ready to set up umbrellas for the poor things to shade them from afternoon sun! But what DOES survive in the hottest of summer heat? Okra.

I have recently been found quoting Bubba from "Forrest Gump" in thinking of all the different ways we could cook okra, "fried okra, boiled okra, okra kabobs, okra stew, okra friendship bread, okra center piece arrangements," and the list goes on. I may pickle them and give them as gifts for Christmas. Who wouldn't love okra like we do? Anyways, just as a word of advice, if you are planning on gardening in Texas, especially for the first time, you better LOVE okra.

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