Surprisingly Great

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


  1. I don't understand the Son of Rambo…seriously? I thought it was a joke at first! I still haven't seen Date Night, I want to though. I miss you girl and hope you are great! Kimmie flies in today to Atlanta. She will be here tomorrow and all the family will be here soon for Terry's wedding next weekend! I have finally given up on having you as part of our family!! HA Love you lots girl!

  2. Oh Laurie! I was the same way about the Son of Rambo but still oddly enjoyed it. You and Jason HAVE to see Date Night. Matthew and I were both crying we were laughing so hard! Man, I know as spread out as the family is right now, it will be great to have everyone close! How exciting about the wedding!! I am hoping to go see Kel soon. Wish so bad I could make it but we are coming up to TN in a few weeks for another wedding that Matthew is in. Have a great time and keep up the great blogging!


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