Labor-less Days

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This weekend Matthew and I began, hopefully, a tradition. On the longest weekends we have both had in a long time, we headed to the hill country of Texas to survive the wilderness. Ok, so we may have had a grill (no burn rule,) porter potty's, the neighbor's loud music, a cooler full of food and, yes, ELECTRICITY. But all the same, we were sleeping outdoors. Floating the Guadeloupe river and never looking at the clock were what made the weekend. Matthew cooked while I roasted marshmallows for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The quaint and delightful town of Gruene, TX was also part of our memory making weekend. We visited the delicious Gristmill and checked out the oldest country dance hall in Texas, Gruene Hall. Below is an account of the weekend and first annual camping trip (minus the dogs, we'll take them next year!)

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  1. LOVE your camping pictures! So glad I get to see some of them and see how much fun you guys had. Josh and I also went camping this week and took Sampson-he went crazy. We went backcountry (scary) :)

    Glad ya'll had fun! Miss you.


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