Do More Than Tolerate Football, Enjoy It!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

If any of you are like me, you love and look forward to fall, but the blessed football season starts and those cherished nights and weekends with the man you love are gone. Well, more like shared between you and the rest of the team. I envy the women who may even love sports more than their husbands and boyfriends, but that's just not me. Starting the 2nd annual football season with my man, I decided I was not going to just sit on the bench. This year I am going to make this fun for me too! Below are 3 great ideas you can do to make this football season fun for you and for those near and dear.

1. Decorate

Beloved Big Lots had some inexpensive, practical, and adorable football party decor that I couldn't resist. It now acts as a fruit bowl and table display until it's ready to be used for a party for chips and salsa. Below is another cute example of how you can spice up watching football.

2. Walk and Talk the Part

Amazon offers this book to help learn the game and lingo of football. And there is always the option of sporting a jersey or game memorabilia and adding a sexy twist. This is always a way to make sure the men in your life to pay attention to you more than the game, right? But it may also make them like football more. . . . .hmmmm. Remember, this is only, ONE of the options. Personally, I prefer the next category.

3. FOOD!

NOTHING is better than themed appetizers, drinks, meat patty's, and desserts to help you enjoy the event more. Whether it's just the two of you or a large group, cooking fun meals can give you enjoyment and something to keep your mind and hands busy.

I believe this year's attempts will teach me a lot. Will let you know more ideas and if I am any more of a fan next year. IF.

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  1. Love this Natalie. Every year I would dread football season until I realized, "If he can sit in front of the tv for 3 hours watching a game, I can sit right next to him...sleeping." Sunday game naps are one of the best parts of my week. I get to sleep, he gets to watch his game, and we're both too absorbed in our personal activities to bother one another. =)


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