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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

us then

Nothing is more exciting for me to announce than the debut of Compost and Cupcakes ! This fabulous and adorable blog just oozes potential and I know it will be a must read for you guys. The creator, Madeline Lee, a native Tennessean, brings creativity, education in design, writing, and photography, a love for all things beautiful, experience in vegetarianism, a green thumb, and her lovable black lab to the blog world! You'll thank yourself for reading. She also happens to be my baby sister! Subscribe and stay tuned for more from her!

us now


  1. I am trying to follow girl! I don't ever see the blogs I follow pop up for some reason so I try and remember when I can! Love you!

  2. I love the new look! It fits you perfectly. I wonder who knows you so well?! I have to fix mine now to be more like yours.

    One week and you get to squeeze Sampson's face off!

  3. Laurie, it says you are a follower on my blog. It may be there ours are different feeder sites (ie mine is off google?) I don't know, but it will always work to subscribe by email (look below for the option.) The system will email you updates. Will probably do the same with yours. Ps- I LOVED Terry's wedding pictures!!

  4. Laurie, I mean subscribe under her's via email, I guess?


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