Awesome Mobile Eats

Saturday, November 20, 2010

If you are in Tennessee or Texas you MUST check out these mobile eats! Tin Can Treats is an adorable company in Nashville, TN created by Melodie and Matty Adams. When parked at different venues and events in town they serve old fashioned sodas, hot chocolate, caramel apples, popsicles, and more vintage treats! You can even hire them out for a wedding or party.

For my first trip to Austin last weekend, while driving by, I noticed a huge line of people standing outside of this BBQ stand. Though I didn't get to try it this time, I vow I will not let another opportunity pass me by!

And for my favorite (mainly because it's the closest,) Frosted Betty drives around Sugar Land, Houston, and all other surrounding areas bringing organic, local, and eco-friendly cupcakes to ALL! They even have gluten free cupcakes! Check out their menu and go chase that bus for a cupcake now!


  1. Been meaning to ask you about gluten free. Is that something you are sticking to 100% or are you transitioning to that? For medical or just to be healthier?? Just curious. I would love to try it for Marcus but Jason makes it near impossible.

  2. OMG. I love this post. How did you hear about these all the way in Nashville? Invite them to serve at my wedding please.

    Oh also please bring me one of each flavor of cupcake and few extra vegan. I just spent 30 minutes looking at the menu online.

  3. Mad, I know! I am in LOVE!

    Laurie, I will do a more detailed post later about my gf journey. I have been 100% gluten free for 10 months. I am doing it for health purposes/medical. I have a definite intolerance but never been officially tested for celiacs. I had heart burn SO bad almost all the time before I started- it's completely gone now. Thought I was safe with oatmeal but had some a few days in a row for breakfast and heart burn came back. There are other issues I had with it that I can explain later. It's an anti-inflammatory diet- I feel good, my skin is great (!), and I love to cook with it. Though I haven't lost much weight- I feel so much healthier- I just need to eat less now. :) and BTW- NOTHING is impossible!!! Matthew eats whatever I cook and LOVES it, but is not gluten free completely. The more I cook that way, the less he can eat "bad" because his body reacts.


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