Jet Lag

Monday, December 27, 2010

Today is Monday. Today is also the first weekday since the beginning of my holiday which lasted for about 2 weeks straight and consisted of a lot of traveling. I took an uncontrollable nap today that reminded me of a nap you take once you have been overseas for a day or so to get back on their time zone. I am now, hopefully, on the "after the holidays time zone."  Though there is still one more great celebration to be had, New Years, for now, I want to give you some highlights from Christmas.

snow on hay bales

beautiful mantles

homemade chocolate covered pretzel sticks

sleepy dogs

AWESOME holiday cards personally made and sent by friends


  1. The fireplace looks beautiful at Matthews! I love M + Z on the mantel. Cute puppy-I wonder why he's always sleeping?!

    Just put my cookbook stand up-had to redo the whole kitchen to fit it. Yours looks gorgeous, of course.


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