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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas all! I apologize for being the absentee blogger. This has been my first long distance Christmas present gathering, wrapping, and suitcase packing. Thank God Southwest airlines doesn't charge for suitcases. It's been hard to keep up the blogs, emails, Facebooking, and any other digital thing that requires my attention. But the time not on the computer has been spent with family and friends. I am here now to give you a few last minute Christmas gift ideas that should help you finish up all Christmas shopping/ crafting and leave you proud of your giving! To help me with such a task is a friend, Facebook acquaintance, blog buddy, homeschooling mother of 4 beautiful children, certified yoga instuctor, and temporarily retired photographer. She has offer some thoughtful, inexpensive gift ideas that can be in a day!

Jamie says:

"Pictured from left to right: canvas bags bought at a craft store embellished with felt and fabric shapes and stitched on with embroidery floss. Any character or animal will work, I have even done little ugly aliens for a bag for my son."

 "In the middle pic are some chunky scarves. Buy the thickest weight in yarn you can find and use size 15 to 20 in needles or hooks. They go together in less than an hour and are a wonderful last minute gift. 

"In the picture on the end are some funky bread slice shaped coasters (i got at goodwill for 69 cents!) that I plan on making into picture frames for my eclectic older brother. I will cut the pictures into circles just a bit smaller than the cork lined centers and glue them over the cork, letting the cork be visible around the image (like a frame inside a frame). I may mount either a magnet on the back, so that they can be placed on the refrigerator or just leave them alone so they can be leaned on a shelf or lie flat on a table."

"I got each kid a black turtleneck (Walmart sale, $3). I found a sunny window and hung my husbands big black hooded sweatshirt on a shelf facing said window. I posed the kids in front of the hoodie and I took the pics with my digital camera. I had each kid pose with a funny face, a smile, a serious look, and then holding whatever it is that is important to them or that they have a passion for. I also had them hold one Christmas themed item to use on our yearly Christmas card.  I then edited them into black and white with a photo editor. I also upped the contrast a bit to make them look less "digital". They can do the collage using their photo editor, or they can even use the Walmart website to make a collage and have them printed 
like that."

For a few other ideas:

The Wonderfile found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and online.

Find this adorable cloth, re-use able sandwich or snack bag here!

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  1. that sandwich bag is uber cute! thanks for asking me to contribute!


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