Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greetings to all bloggers and followers! Interestingly enough, I was encouraged last night to start blogging again by a friend who said she enjoyed reading my blog. So with some inspiration, change in the air, and little push, here we go! Thank you, Christy, for your encouragement!

There are many things on my list of obsessions in this season of my life. I am excited to share them all with you! 

Obviously, my husband and marriage only continues to get more amazing (insert vomit sound here for those who hate marital mush). 

Since my last post on our anniversary, we have run an obstacle race together, celebrated a big milestone birthday, grown both of our businesses, traveled to Paris and London, graduated from P90X, started eating vegetarian and almost fully vegan as well, attended my 10 year high school reunion, gone to an Alpaca farm (yep),  and overall, moving in on some big changes in our lives. 

My next few posts will be highlights of these events and other fun things.

Hope you enjoy.


  1. At first I thought you bought an alpaca. Now I think you should. It would fit right in with the dogs!

  2. Back my ass…I hope you mean it!!!!!! Love you!

  3. YES! Come back to the blog world, I'm trying too!

    Love this post.


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