Floor Poofs

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I think my year has finally come. My year of domestic womanhood, a year of crafting and sewing. These two things are things I vowed I would never participate in due to my lack of small motor skills, liking for it, and my patience for tedious activities. 

I have changed. If I am considering quilting, sewing floor poofs, etc. Should I be scared? 

So, since my last entry (many moons ago) my husband and I have traveled a bit, celebrated holidays, I celebrated my last 20 something birthday (or so you think . . .) and have bought and moved into a new house! I am excited to show some before and after pictures of the house. 
But this is not that post. This is my floor poof post, obviously something I am excited about or else I wouldn't even take the time to write! 
Off to plan my poofs!
Get the plans here.


  1. I have been wanting these forever for our living room!! I want to know how you're making these.

    Post new house pics!

  2. you won an award on my blog :) check it out! can't wait to see your answers!!

  3. You're on your way! Woot woot!


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