Our Wild Communion

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some of Matthew's beautiful photography. 
Many months have passed since I last wrote a post. Heck, many months have passed where I haven't felt creative, motivated, or my life "quiet" enough to sit and type. 

As I sit now and type, it's almost out of necessity for my soul. I need to journal, vent, and have a way of remembering this life of mine that seems to be passing so quickly. I think I was found my motivation again on Valentines day. My husband and I tried to remember our previous Valentines celebrations and couldn't. I want this blog to be a way for me to remember our life and the sweet memories and seasons we have go through.

 All the change, growth, and vision my husband and I have developed as we have grown together in marriage and also within ourselves has lead back to my little ole blog. God is doing a great work in us as we move through this simple, yet beautiful life of ours and I was to share it, document it, and remember it.

I began this blog when I moved to Texas (Houston/Sugar Land) 4 years ago this past January. I have kept it up periodically when inspired. I originally named the blog "In the Land of Sugar" because I had moved to Sugar Land, Tx and of course, was feeling creative with the naming of my blog. . .

I have decided to change the name; 1. We moved. We are still near Sugar Land, but in a new city. 2. As we am changing, so are aspects of our life. I now work from home, cook a LOT at home, and are in the process of creating a homestead here. As I was thinking of names for the blog, I kept thinking of the things that were important to me and my husband, are our priorities now.

This is what I came up with:

"We love a great story. Not only did our story begin great, but we are continually seeking to live a life that IS a great story! This blog is an account of that story as it unfolds. Life can feel reckless, and WILD. As a family, we are striving to live an intentional, relational, and thankful life with each other, our friends, family, and with God. Though it's never perfect and rarely pretty, this is OUR life, our Wild Communion!"

It's going to be a lot of the same stuff I had before on the blog, our gardening/ homesteading attempts and adventures, travels, celebrations, favorite things, hobbies, and FOOOOOODDDD! All mixed with  lots of misspelled words and improper grammar.



  1. SO glad you're back. i will be happy to keep up with my two favorite people through this avenue. i love you and so proud of you.


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